Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama is like a Coke Commercial from the 70's

Before you went to vote yesterday, did you think about how the world was going to react to our next President? I did. I was desperate for the world to see us make a smart choice. I had hoped that our election of Barack Obama would signal to the world that the people of the US are desperate for change. I was so happy to see that he won by a landslide last night because the message was not just that the majority of US citizens want change but that MOST of our population was fed up with politics as usual.

What I didn't realize was that people all over the world were as desperate as we were. Here are a handful of images of people reacting to the election results- all of whom were most likely not given a ballot. The US is failing in so many ways and I am happy to see that the glimmer of hope that is now in my eye, is in the eyes of so many people around the world.







Lastly, here is a video from Le Monde taken in Kenya. It is wonderful.