Saturday, May 19, 2007

LOST & a Laugh!

My husband and I have an agreement that we ALWAYS watch Lost together. If he is traveling this means neither of us can watch it and we'll play it on Tivo when he gets home. So last night we were watching this weeks episode of Lost and I got a pretty good chuckle at my husband's expense. SJ is from the North of England - Blackburn to be exact- and moved here when he was 16. Here is how the episode went:

Charlie talking to bandmate: "We're playing bloody Clitheroe..."

SJ Pauses TIVO and exclaims: "My primary school was in Clithero!!!"

SJ presses play

Charlie continues "the ass end of nowhere!"

I got a pretty good chuckle out of that!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Calgon, take me away!

One week from tomorrow SJ and I will be jetting off to this place for some much needed R & R. Well it will be probably be only one of those "R"s b/c we are going with 3 other couples and when we get together without our children we tend to have a REALLY good time! Very little sleep, lots of food and drink, and lounging about on boats and pool decks is the norm for this group. I can't friggin wait. If you want to see the cast of characters click here . You may have to wait a minute or two for the movie to load and it is just the opening sequence to the movie I made from our last adventure. This time a 4th couple is joining us so there will be even more fun!

Life here is just about more than I can handle. The adoption has stalled to unprecedented wait times and our beautiful home in this quaint seaside village WON'T sell. I am not taking it personally b/c no one in our price range has sold either but damn I am pissed. I know the market has tanked pretty much everywhere but frankly unless you want to whore out your house and give it away, it is a long and uncertain road. If we can't sell the house we don't go. I have spent 18 months jumping through hoop after hoop trying to get things lined up for us to go and now the freeking housing market has screwed us! As a total control freak, this is more than I can handle. The good news is that I am up to about 20 lbs in weight loss due to the stress so that is an added bonus. I fit into a size 2 pair of pants today but no matter how pleased I was about that, I knew it wasn't right so I didn't buy them. I should NEVER be a size 2.