Saturday, May 19, 2007

LOST & a Laugh!

My husband and I have an agreement that we ALWAYS watch Lost together. If he is traveling this means neither of us can watch it and we'll play it on Tivo when he gets home. So last night we were watching this weeks episode of Lost and I got a pretty good chuckle at my husband's expense. SJ is from the North of England - Blackburn to be exact- and moved here when he was 16. Here is how the episode went:

Charlie talking to bandmate: "We're playing bloody Clitheroe..."

SJ Pauses TIVO and exclaims: "My primary school was in Clithero!!!"

SJ presses play

Charlie continues "the ass end of nowhere!"

I got a pretty good chuckle out of that!


tracy said...

I quit watching Lost after season one....but I like the comment!

Meg said...

we have the same agreement! how weird is that!!!!- still haven't watched it- hoping next weekend! Love that show.

Tawni said...

too funny! love it!