Monday, September 24, 2007

Silly is good.

In all seriousness I had no fewer than 5 ideas for a post that were all way too serious and complicated. Who needs it when you've found Jib Jab?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter. My best friend called and woke me up and told me to turn on the TV and about 10 minutes later the second plane hit. I am pretty sure that was THE moment fear over came all of us. It was a strange thing living in Boston that day. I can’t remember at what point the news broke that both those planes had come from Boston but I remember starting to frantically call my friends whose husbands travel for business. My husband travels a ton and luckily he was home in Cambridge that day. Luckily, everyone I knew was accounted for safe and sound. My friend who called me, her father had just come in on a red eye from CA on one of the planes that later went into one of the towers. He walked off that plane at 6:30 am and about 2 hours later that very same plane was flying into a building. My heart aches over this day. I am sure I will never get over it. It is as if the wounds are as fresh as they were 6 years ago.

The Story of L and My Mother
This is a story that came about because of 9/11. One week earlier I went for my 7th month check up and a new nurse was going through my file and accidentally told me what I was having. I was so pissed. I did not want to know. My mother had been desperate for me to find out what I was having but I really did not care and wanted to be surprised. My mother cared. She wanted a granddaughter. I am the 5th generation of a girl born first on my mother side. She was positive I was carrying on the tradition and was having a girl but, yeah, like we can plan those things!

When I called to rant to my mother that the nurse had told me what I was having my mother said “so so so what is it?!?” I told her I wasn’t going to tell anyone and she was so disappointed. The week of 9/11 my parents head out to SF and eventually get stuck there because they can’t fly home. By the time they started running flights again I think everyone was terrified of flying especially cross country. I called her that morning crying, telling her I was so scared she was getting on a plane. I then just blurted it out. I said “ I can’t let you get on a plane without telling you you’re having a granddaughter.” She was so excited. We didn't tell anyone else but I am so glad I told my mother that day.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Good News!

This family is officially through the review room! Lets see how long we sit on the floor of the Matching Room.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Mother Made Me...

I guess she felt since I was making my kids stand in their first day of school outfits with silly signs, that she would make her kid do the same...

This was taken the evening of our 10th in the same spot in my parent's yard where I took most of my wedding photos.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

10 Years Ago this Week: Part II

Happy 10th Anniversary to us!!!

10 years ago today all our friends and family had safely arrived in town and were waking up to a beautiful September morning. All of the family on SJ's side were up at 2 am to watch Princess Diana's Funeral. Our wedding was at 3 pm in a beautiful stone church and then the reception was at an Art Museum. I would not have changed anything about that day. In fact I'd love to do it again with the same guy!

This is a picture of my maid of honor and myself. She is currently working for the US State Department in a far away place. I am so proud of all that she has accomplished in these 10 years. I know she'll check over here today so I will take the opportunity to sing her praises and tell her I love and miss her!!!

P.S. I know I owe you all my silly first day of school photo. I will get that up tomorrow!

Here are some more pics...

Here I am getting dressed:

Here I am with my cousin K. I was in her mother's wedding when I was 8. She was in my wedding when she was 15. She is now engaged to a wonderful guy and will be getting married next June. My kids will continue the tradition and will be her flowergirl and ring bearer!

Formal photos were done and we were waiting for the limo to arrive at my parents house. I'm here with my brother and father.

Here we are waiting to go down the aisle. I am with my dad and Maid of Honor. The church was so small that it did not have room for me and my dress between the outer and inner doors so I had to wait outside to go down the aisle. I literally stepped off the sidewalk onto the aisle!

As you can see, I made it all the way up the aisle!

And back down again!

SJ's wonderful parents that day. His father passed away nearly 3 years ago now and we miss him every day.

Photos in the Japanese garden of the Museum.

Our First Dance

Our Yummy Cake- the top of which we ate on our first anniversary!

And finally- in 2003 an editor from Modern Bride called me after she got a hold of one of our wedding photos that the photographer submitted to a photo contest (and won). She asked if she could print it on the last page of their December 2003 issue where they highlight each month an already married couple. So of course I said yes.
(I took out the paragraph b/c it has all sorts of personal info in it. )

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School!

I think this image says it all. She was so so so damn excited for her first day of school. It was incredible. Not one ounce of apprehension. This is the outfit Nana bought her for her first day and I must say, she looked darling in it. In fact, she looked so damn cute that another mother (a friend of mine) cried when she saw her at drop-off.

L had a wonderful first day of Kindergarten and I could not be happier! She handled it all so well while I was a ball of tears!

Mr. B also had his first day of school today in our Preschool's TK class. L did this class last year so I know the teachers well and B is very comfortable there. He had a great day. As you can see the color of the day was GREEN!

A choked up Mommy sending off her baby girl to school!!!

This is Lily's very first friend J. He is the son of one of my best friends from high school. Believe it or not, the two are only 3 months apart and yes, he really is that tall!

We take an annual picture on these stairs and figured today was as good as any to take our summer family picture!

Tomorrow...first day of school photos of Mommy! Stay Tuned....

Monday, September 03, 2007

Fresh Attitudes of a New Generation

Well I just got the kids off to bed in anticipation of our big first day of school tomorrow. My daughter likes to go to sleep listening to stories on her CD player and my son who just got his own CD player has yet to indicate a preference. Well tonight he indicated his preference with a complete 4-year old meltdown. He wanted stories just like his sister and I told him he'd have to wait until tomorrow when we could make another CD just for him. I suggested that he could choose to go to sleep in silence or he could listen to our sleepy time music CD. The sleepytime disc is a compilation of Mozart and the like. B pitched a fit screaming he was NOT going to listen to BABY MUSIC! After a good chuckle over that I informed him that it was actually old fart music and he should learn to like it.

Thanks to Baby Einstein, the masterpieces of classical music are no better than Old MacDonald to this generation!