Thursday, December 31, 2009

Got your party hat?

Happy New Year!!!

Buche de Noel

Here are pictures I took of the Buche with my camera instead of my iPhone. I made the cake and then we had the kiddos each decorate a meringue cookie. Very festive huh?!?


New Year's Eve Magic

It's nice to have things you can count on. Like New Years Eve. We
always spend it with great friends we only see a few times a year. Our
children love their children and we all have mad fun together. Every
year we manage to get a New Year's Eve snow fall. This year we were so
blessed to have a white Christmas but between rain and warm temps we
lost it all. But like I said, it's nice to have things you can count
on. We awoke to a suprise snowfall instead of the forecasted rain. It
wouldn't be our usual NYE without the snowy magic. Thanks mother

Have a wonderful celebration tonight and I wish you all a wonderful