Monday, September 03, 2007

Fresh Attitudes of a New Generation

Well I just got the kids off to bed in anticipation of our big first day of school tomorrow. My daughter likes to go to sleep listening to stories on her CD player and my son who just got his own CD player has yet to indicate a preference. Well tonight he indicated his preference with a complete 4-year old meltdown. He wanted stories just like his sister and I told him he'd have to wait until tomorrow when we could make another CD just for him. I suggested that he could choose to go to sleep in silence or he could listen to our sleepy time music CD. The sleepytime disc is a compilation of Mozart and the like. B pitched a fit screaming he was NOT going to listen to BABY MUSIC! After a good chuckle over that I informed him that it was actually old fart music and he should learn to like it.

Thanks to Baby Einstein, the masterpieces of classical music are no better than Old MacDonald to this generation!

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