Friday, August 04, 2006


I just went to make some sun tea and found my plastic wrap completely mangled and destroyed. All summer I have been making peach iced tea by leaving the pitcher outside in the sun and to protect the tea from bits of leaves etc. I cover it with plastic wrap. My husband fell in love with the peach tea and started making it when we ran out. He was the last to make tea and seems to have had a bad encounter with the plastic wrap and neglected to tell me to pick up more.

Does the joy that a husband knows how to make Peach Sun Tea outweigh the annoyance that he ruined the plastic wrap and did not tell me to get more??

I'm thinking it does, so I'll let te plastic wrap thing pass.



Meg said...

oh too funny!!!!! My husband and I have the same "dilemma" with tin foil......I guess I too should be happy that he uses it! We are starting our homestudy next month!!!!! (check the blog tomorrow for more info- have to go register Jr. Spaceman for hoo hoo!)

Kim :) said...

My sympathy to you but understanding to your husband! :) Everytime I use the plastic wrap, I leave it mangled... someone: please invent easier to use plastic wrap!! LOL!!

Kathy and Joel said...

A dilemma for sure! I wholeheartedly support your decision to overlook his teeny fault. You may have to post this Peach Tea recipe, though...;)