Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Referrals are about to drop any day now. I am 2.5 months into what promises to be a VERY long wait for our daughter and the dragging of CCAA feet is starting to bother me. I had hoped to see signs of a speed up soon after our login to at least keep the wait at 12 months but so far it keeps extending beyond that. At the rate they are going, our referral will come in about 3 years. The thought of that makes me so so so sad.

Each month on the eve of referrals, I like so many others think, "this is it, we are going to see something hopeful this month" and we are all disappointed each time that the CCAA isn't moving towards referring full months of LIDs. So here I am once again, on the eve of referral time wanting to hope but putting on my armor instead. When I need to cheer myself up, I go here. It ALWAYS brightens my day!


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

I'm the same as you, each referral time I think "THIS is the month we'll see huge changes." And then, well, not so much. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that they speed up though for all my friends who are waiting.

Tawni said...

I have this feeling things are going to speed up! Am I just a desperate optimist? I hope not!!! You're right - that video clip did brighten my day! It is now on my list of favorites. Have you seen this one - http://www.affordableportraitsbydugan.com/new_page_1.htm
I cried the whole way through - a good cry though. Keep your chin up - we're in this wait together!
Tawni (a fellow july firefly)

Tawni said...

The Link didn't work above - maybe this one will - (I am a computer idiot!)



tracy said...

Oh, I love that video, I'll have to save it. I fostered twins and that was exactly what it was like!

I also have cried about 10 times through the other link posted.

Thanks for sharing and we are all hoping for something better.

Meg said...

Oh I hope it is true....I hope there is a huge amount of referrals coming and I hope the wait for you speeds up.......I love the video- soooo cute!

Janet said...

Oh, that video you shared was soooo funny! I loved it! So beautiful! And I'm hoping for a good bunch of referrals too! It's so frustrating.....

Janet T.