Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rainy days are still fun!

So today was a bit dicey b/c rain was called for the entire day. The sun was out when we woke up and the boys raced out to a boating store to get a ski rope and by the time they got back the rain started falling. GRRRRRRR.

They decided to go water skiing anyway and after 2 hours of boys being on the water and the kids destroying the house, the girls decided to go outlet shopping in North Conway, NH. The dads took the kids mini-golfing and to a park b/c the rain ended up stopping once they got back on land. (that is always the way!)

The girls and I had a fine time perusing the stores and I made a few purchases that I am currently wearing!

Of course we overstayed our time at the shops and had to race home. Got back around 5:30 and the dads had already fed and bathed the kids!!!! I told them the good news and the bad news was that they did an incredible job taking the kids for the afternoon. I am sure it won't be long before we ask them to do it again ; ) The moms graceously did bed time while the guys set up some lawn games.

C&D made some tasty munchies for cocktail hour and the boys played "baggo" and the girls relaxed on the couch.

D of C&D took me driving in their vintage beetle. I had never driven one before and I was thrilled to drive a 2 gear car with no clutch! Ha! Total fun!

Here are some fun pics from today....

My friend T relaxing on the couch.

R on the grill making lunch.

The boys playing Baggo.

C of C&D is serving her apps to the guys playing lawn games. What a nice gal!

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tracy said...

How much fun!

You guys call it 'Baggo' we call it 'Cornhole'....what are your bags filled with? Corn?