Monday, October 15, 2007

More comments on the B.S.

I went trolling and didn't get very far. However I did stop by Brian Stuy's site and there was an interesting but depressing read about how the wait times are going to increase over the next 12-18 months. There are facts, figures and graphs all supporting his theories. He is very conclusive that there just simply are not enough children to fill the waiting parent files and thus the wait increases. He even goes as far as to say that he does not know of a single NSN child under the age of three who is not already in the IA system. He even challenges anyone to tell him of a NSN child under three who is not yet in the IA system. So here is this....during our wait we have been sponsoring a child through HTS. She was born February 2006. Last February I sent her a birthday cake along with a box of toys and clothes. Each time we are about to get a progress report for her I expect to hear from HTS that she has been adopted. I just got one last week and as of July 2007 she has not yet been adopted. As of then she was nearly 18 months and clearly adoptable. Why???? Why???? WTF. I know of a beautiful little girl who would probably love to find her forever family and here I am aching every day that my daughter is so far away. Don't freaking tell me there are not enough children when I know of a little girl that I would have be MY DAUGHTER in a heartbeat and she continues to live without a family. Per HTS I cannot inquire about adopting this girl b/c it could jeopardize the HTS program in China. I will respect that but it really pisses me off when people like Brian Stuy infer that all the children in China's orphanages are already placed either domestically or internationally. LOAD OF FREAKING CRAP!

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Ali said...

Oh S- am catching up on your blog and I am enraged for you. There is no way. Just. NO. WAY.

I just don't understand? Who can tell you what's actually going on?! This isn't fair for anyone involved.