Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning 2007

We have had a lovely morning here at home with the kids. We are making some new traditions the four of us that I am really loving. As a kid my dad always read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas eve and I have such special memories of those times. Of course SJ and I are continuing that with our kids. A few years ago we started giving them special Christmas Eve PJs which is essentially a first gift the night before Christmas. The last thing SJ and I do before we got to bed is to hang two Christmas Pickles. They are glass ornaments that look like pickles and they are to be hidden deep in the tree for the children to find on Christmas morning. Traditionally only one is hung and whoever finds it gets an extra present. Me, I can't handle disappointment tantrums on Christmas for a number of reasons so we hang two. When all the presents are opened we sit down for a Panettone French Toast breakfast complete with "Bucks Fizz" (mimosa). This year I put the "pickle gifts" on the table as decoration and then when the kid were done I sent them off to find the pickles on the tree. It was a nice way for SJ and I have to have some quiet time at the table while the kids were hunting for those pickles. Whoever is the first to find a pickle gets to choose which (wrapped) mystery gift they want. The second to find it gets what's left. They are always equal gifts. We will continue this breakfast tradition from now on.

I am in the midst of preparing an English Trifle for Christmas dessert and have made my first custard. Hope its good...

I am hoping to be better about posting pictures and news as I know I have been delinquent lately. Don't miss our Winter slide show below!

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sea star said...

Cute photos and great memories.

~Merry Christmas to you and yours!