Thursday, March 19, 2009

A tricky fit

Okay so with summer approaching I am once again deciding that this year I will finally have a swimsuit that fits. I have a disproportionate body so I need to buy separates. Ideally I need to find tops that come in bra sizes to accommodate what God has given me. After searching online endlessly last night I found that women like me are best served in the UK and Australia. While I don't mind paying for shipping for an international order, I wonder if it will be a problem if I need to return it. As we all know, finding a swimsuit that fits is like a needle in a haystack. For what it is worth, all I can seem to find with US online retailers that comes in bra sizing is stuff like this....

and frankly I am just not that kind of girl. Any suggestions out there? I am sure I have missed something major. Please help!


Sea Star said...

Ok, so I clicked on your site and saw that swimsuit and my first thought was, "Oh no, she did not buy that suit did she?" =0)

I have no tricks. I buy about 6-7 suits every year because the sand, sea and sun dry rot them every year, so I don't spend a whole lot of time being picky. However, it would be fantastic if they would start making the boob holders bigger!

Sue said...

I just got this great swimsuit catalog in the mail yesterday and though of you and your plight.

They have a large variety of one and two piece trendy looking suits. Hope this helps!

I always get my Speedo or TYR grab bag suits from (For my lap swimming). I go thru a few a year. I never care what they look like - only cheap! Chlorine always does a number on them.

atomic mama said...

Have you tried Roxanne? Their swimsuit sizing includes bra measurements, and they have everything from trendy, retro, to classic suit styles. There are lots of retailers on ebay. Miraclesuit is good, too. Good luck!

Donna said...

Hey girl...stopped by your site and saw your problem. I'm sure you've tried Lands End? They have a ton of suits and really cute seperates with support for those well endowed (not me!). Hope you're doing well!