Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Don’t you hate it when you catch yourself being insanely dense? As you know I love to chronicle our lives and especially our travels on this blog. You may have noticed a lack of material appearing here over this summer which might have surprised you since we are in France for a couple of months. Lots to write about and photographs to share. The problem was that with the slow French DSL uploading pictures turned into a small nightmare. Each time I sat down to write a post, it would take hours to upload the photos. I am using the new blogger editor and in the old editor you could select pictures in batches of 5 , hit upload, and walk away. It was very easy to be doing a few other things like getting the kids ready for the day or make dinner while uploading pictures. With this new editor it seemed that I could only upload one picture at a time which in essence tethered me to the computer. I found that I was spending too much time in the apartment on the computer to chronicle the previous day’s adventure and we were starting to spend less and less time adventuring. So I abandoned it altogether.

Here is where me being the moron comes in. Now on vacation I decided that I was really annoyed that I could not upload batches of photos. So in one swift search in the help box here on blogger I discovered that I could just keep adding photos and not have to wait for the first picture to completely upload. AHHH. So as I write this I am uploading 14 pictures to share from our day in Barcelona yesterday!!!

If all goes well, I will get this post done and scheduled to post before the coffee maker finishes brewing that much needed pot of joe.

If I had been blogging regularly, you’d know that I am in the south of France on a family vacation. We arrived on Friday the 30th and we are renting a crazy house in the old section of a very old hilltown. I’ll do another post about that. Monday of this week it was scheduled to rain so we decided to hop in the car and head down to Barcelona – just a short 3 hour drive away. We had a nice big lunch of tapas, paella, and sangria and walked around the town for about 6 hours. The kids got to get a jist of this beautiful city and can now say they’ve been to Spain!

Here is the border crossing coming from France into Spain: 

 La Rambla
 Smoothies from the St. Josep market were very popular on this hot day...

One of Gaudi's Houses. Casa Batllo.

 Refreshment found in a water fountain.

 Sagrada Familia proved to be inspiration for the following day's sandcastle building on the beach....

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Meg said...

glad you figured it out....I wouldn't have! what an amazing glad you are off exploring the world with your kids! the sand castle is great!