Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I am not sure I have ever had a moment in my life where I have had so much to be grateful for than I do right now. Today was my last day at 5 Corners Kitchen and it was with an incredible amount of sadness that I left this afternoon. I've been trying for the past month to put into words what that place means to me but I just can't seem to find them. It was a life long dream of mine to work in a professional kitchen and I can say now that not only have I done it, but I loved it. Working at 5CK quite literally fed my soul in so many ways. The things I learned about not only food, but myself and life itself, will last me a lifetime.

The people I got to know and spend time with are gold. They became what I looked forward to most about going to work. We joked, we told stories, we made fun of each other, we helped each other out, we laughed and then today I cried. So why with all this goodness I have I left? Well, because I am lucky enough to have two beautiful children and an amazing husband who have had to suffer some pretty serious mommy and wifely neglect these past 10 months while I pursued my dream. And while we absolutely could have found a way for me to continue at the restaurant and streamline things here at home, we are also expecting another baby some time soon by way of China. Referrals keep plugging away slowly each month and the CCAA is up to 6/20/06 and we are 7/6/06 so we're getting pretty damn close.

As I close the 5CK chapter of my life, I find myself longing to wander back to the restaurant but I also want to be home preparing for our new daughter. It is a tough one. But how lucky am I to have so much wonderful in my life? So while I am sad at this moment about something that feels like a loss, I know for certain, I have lost nothing.

I really do feel like the lucky one. So here's to you, universe, thank you for all the crazy good shit you've brought my way recently. I truly am grateful!


Cindy S said...

You worked hard for all that "crazy good shit" which means you deserve it. Congrats on having the nerve to chance the dream.

Let the countdown begin!

Cindy S said... CHASE the dream.

(need. more. coffee. )