Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Will the game get paroled?

Please tell me that other people are suffering from the Misuse of Toy Syndrome at their houses! I swear, I get the kids a game, they play it once and then take it to pieces and scatter the parts throughout the house. It frustrates me on so many levels. Number 1- I am not about to replace all these games/toys b/c we now have missing parts. Number 2- it is such a shame that they can't play these games anymore. So it all came to a head this morning with a yelling, screaming, running game they were playing while I was trying to talk with my father on the phone. They were trying to grab as many chips from a game called Sequence to see who could have the most ...Apparently while running, screaming and yelling. Now this game is one of the last few intact games we have and it's life was flashing before my eyes. So I have come up with a Death-Row sort of list for games that are not played with correctly. The suggestion that any toy or game that is not being played with correctly or taken care of was going to be put on a "list" and if they did not start taking care of said toy or game that the toy would be tossed in next weeks garbage run, struck fear into the little eyes of my darling children. So the Sequence game is currently on the "list" - funny since they immediately spread the game board out and are playing it together- QUIETLY - and having loads of fun. I am hoping to be able to parole this game but we will see what happens with those tempting chips over the next few days. Anyone out there have some suggestions on encouraging young children to TAKE CARE of their things?


Simon said...

I think this is an excellent idea. Its better than just tossing the games out. Maybe it will help them develop an undertstanding of value

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, we suffer from this too! I get so tired of it. What a great idea!