Thursday, May 11, 2006

All 10 fingers...

Today was a big day ...big day. We got fingerprinted today! It was lots of fun. We went down at 10 am and didn't have to wait long. The process was pretty cool- all digital- no black ink. After that, I celebrated with something calorically dangerous at Au Bon Pain followed by a swift walk up the street to the Secretary of State's office. Picked up my packet of certified docs- only thing missing is the 171H! So now we wait. I have heard some good stories about the speed of the Boston USCIS as of late, but I am NOT getting my hopes up. I am just going to wait. When we get the 171H, I will do a lightning speed notarization and certification and then it's ROAD TRIP TO NYC! Going to hand deliver the docs (AKA precious gold) to the NYC Chinese Consulate.

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