Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Docs out for certification!!!

Since we got our completed home study report on Saturday, I decided it was time to get all my documents down to the Secretary of State's office in Boston for certification. Unfortunately it was pouring rain today and I had to schlep the two kids down with me, park half a mile away and walk uphill to this office. But we made it. We stood in line to go through security to get into the building (I kept telling the kids it was like being at the airport) and then we made our way to the 17th floor to the public records office. Behind the desk were two huge photographs of families at the White Swan with their newly adopted daughters. It was really sweet. So we handed in our 12 documents that have taken over a month to gather and the very kind woman behind the desk did a visual run through and said they all look good. (Phew- hoping not to have to redo any of them!) She said she thought my kids were cute, asked their names, and then winked at me and said the documents will be ready by noon but really what time do you want them? I asked If I could have them by 11 am so I can pick them up when I am done at the USCIS tomorrow. She said no problem! Love when I encounter such nice people!

As we left we were all in a great mood and L and I made up this song - sung to the tune of ???? but when I figure it out I will let you know.

I'm so happy
I'm so happy
I'm so happy here today.

cause we filed all our papers
for our little mei mei!

L has been singing it all day. I imagine we'll be singing it as we go through authentication and dossier submission!

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Meg said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! How wonderful- here is to smooth sailing!