Friday, June 09, 2006

A day in NYC with Mom!

Man do I love THE CITY. Forgive me for being a Bostonian and calling it THE CITY but I really do love it. We lived there for a few years after we were married and I have such a special bond with NYC. Don't get me wrong, I'll never be a Yankees fan- growing up going to Fenway with my dad was way too special.

Going to NYC is always a special event for me. No matter what I am there to do or how long I get to stay, it is always loads of fun. That's why hand-delivering my documents to the Chinese Consulate in NY was very cool for me. On Wednesday I decided to take the train down to authenticate my very LAST document and my mother decided to join me. It was really special completing my dossier with my mom and shipping it off to CCAI.

We took the 6:30 train down and got in 3 hours later. Unfortunately it was pouring down with rain but cabs were plentiful at Penn Station. We zipped up to the Consulate and dropped the document off. We were told to come back between 2:00 - 2:30 pm to pick it up.

We then grabbed a cab down to SOHO to do some shopping and have lunch. We ate at a place called Fiamma Osteria on Spring St which was lovely. As lunch was ending and it was nearing the time we needed to be back up at the consulate, I started getting really bad butterflies. It was the weirdest feelling. The dossier was nearly done and in less than an hour I was to hand it over to FedEx to be sent off to Colorado. I was so afraid to let it out of my sight that I joked in the cab back uptown that perhaps I should just fly it to Denver.

Stomach knots and all, we got back to the consulate at 2:00pm and picked up our autheticated I-797C. Mom took lots of pictures as I picked up and paid for the document, made copies of the authentication page, and worked it into the final dossier packet I was sending to CCAI.

Here I am getting ready to hand it all off. All those precious documents that required so much hoop jumping were about to leave my hands.

Look! I actually let them go. Luckily Kelly at FedEx seemed like a trustworthy person.

They arrived at CCAI yesterday at 10:20 and I got an email from Kimberly that they had received the dossier.

After the traumatic letting go of the documents, we did some more shopping in the Flatiron area. Took mom to ABC Carpet and Home which she loved. We caught the 6:00pm train home. Apparently Logan closed leaving much of DC and NYC business people to take the train so it was crowded but I was in my own bed at 10:15 pm!


oscar1elmo said...

Hey, love your site! So cute! We are almost DTC, so I am right there with ya!

Meg said...

I loved reading about you and your mom in NYC- I'm an upstate girl myself but grew up close enough to LOVE LOVE LOVE the city- magical. I agree with your comment about motherhood preparing us.....I hope I'm not too tired to go back to work someday! If you are ever visiting the in-laws let me know- she isn't very far from me and we could meet!

Meg said...

Union! oh my- one of my best friends went to Union.....I'm from a bit south from there- Hudson NY- went to school in Cortland- small world isn't it!

Meg said...

seriously, this is soooo weird...she graduated in '95!!!! Math major.