Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Doing the dossier jig!

We just received most wonderful news...WE ARE DTC TODAY! We will certainly have a July LID but I am thrilled to officially say the Paperchase is over!

My original goal was to DTC in July with a late July/early August LID. Many people say that I got the paperchase done quickly because I am so "Type A" however I think we just got damned lucky. Lucky to have switched homestudy agencies and found the best SW on the planet (I should be careful since my mother and best friend are both SWs - but they don't do homestudies). Our SW, Valorie, did an incredibly fast homestudy and helped us navigate through USCIS. We were so lucky that the Boston USCIS office moves fast. THANK YOU BOSTON USCIS! We were also lucky that we live in the same place where we were born and married so nothing had to go out of state for certification or authentication. We had a simpler paperchase than many other people because of that.

So I can now say that we are "paper pregnant" with the gestation of an elephant!

WOOOHHOOOO! I think I'll go dance on the ceiling. Yes, too much Lionel Richie in my formative years! (Mom, Dad, you know which one of you was responsible for that!)


Meg said...

I'm screaming with excitement for you!!!! Can you hear it? Wow! This is so great- and ahead of schedule too! You set the bar my friend! Unfortunately we are not currently living in the same state we were born or married in....and we've lived overseas in the last 5 years and since we've been back we've lived in 3 states and 5 homes.......may pose as a challenge! It's okay though...I'm up for it.....just peek in on me every now and then and make sure I'm still breathing! Congrats!

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! July LIDs are quite excellent (I'm one, but for the previous year). Enjoy!!!