Friday, March 16, 2007

Hi Hi Hi

Hi friends. Sorry I have been MIA both here and on your blogs. We are gettting the house ready to go on the market and between that, our ski weekends, and SJ's travel I have barely had a moment to put my rear-end on the couch. Things are good though and this family does "hectic" very well so we'll get through it all.

I found a preschool for B which is terribly exciting as I was starting to panic. It seems that all the preschools there accept applications during January and early February and by 2/15 they are all full for the following year. I was caught with my pants down on that one. Our preschools here have rolling admissions so I was not prepared for such early deadlines. Anyway, I had no fewer than 3 people recommend the same preschool as being one of the top in the area and believe it or not, the day before I called they had someone drop out of their Fours class. I left a message saying I was calling about next year and said that I was aware they were probably full but thought I would check anyway. Less than 20 minutes later I got a call back from them saying that a spot just became available should I want it. My reply was YES YES YES! I sent the deposit and checked in with them yesterday to make sure he is all set. I spoke with the loveliest woman who said we are ready to go. She also mentioned that there is another family moving down from the NE who will have a son in the 3's program there but also has a child going to the same school as L. Nice to know of another family who is making such a big transition whose kids will be in the same schools as my kids.

Plus we just scored some awesome seats to a John Mayer concert! Yes we are in the fan club ;) We got 5th row dead center. Ha! I am so excited.

Ok running low on battery...


Tawni said...

Glad you're back - blog world just isn't the same without you in it!

Whew! I am so glad things worked out with is such a stress - who knew that pre-school could be that stressful! :)

I love John Mayer - but his face kills me when he sings - I have to close my eyes or he totally ruins it...he pulls the wierdest faces - is he constipated or is it just his signature look?? I need to get over it because I love love love his music. Have fun!!


tracy said...

So glad your up and running. I've needed your stroller advice ya know....anyhoo, so glad you got into your first school choice and I'm so jealous you scored big with those John Mayer tickets. You've got some serious luck going on!

Special K said...

Welcome back to the blogisphere!