Friday, March 23, 2007

JM Karma

We are so busy with our insane life right now that I have not stopped running around until this morning at 10 am. That is when the John Mayer tickets for the July Boston show went on sale. As you know last week we scored 5th row center for another JM concert. The one we bought tickets for last week will be in the city we will be moving to this summer. Today we got tickets for the Boston show which is two weeks before the other concert. Yes, we are timing a cross country move for between the two John Mayer concerts. Yeah, I'd say we're fans. Anyway, this morning we were instantly shut out of the fan club ticket purchases and nearly freaked out. After 15 mintues of frantic clicking, we suddenly got through and got 6th row floor seats. They are not center but are damn good seats. I think we have some JM Karma going on here. We've never gotten such good seats. When L was a baby all she wanted to listen to in the car was JM's Room for Squares album. It was the craziest thing. She whined when I put on kids music and gleefully danced when we put on JM. When she was about 20 months we noticed she knew nearly all the words to "Back to You" and yet she hadn't mastered her ABC's. Hello? Baby fan in the making! So when she was 2.5 I got to go to a JM sound check and I brought her. It was wild. She had a T-shirt I made for her with all sorts of things on it saying that she "loved John". That is what we call him here at hour house, just "John". I can still hear her baby voice calling from the back seat saying "More John?". So so so cute!


tracy said...

Yep, your a JM fan!

I like how you are squeezing a whole life change in the middle of the 2 concerts!

Joannah said...

I love John Mayer, too. Enjoy the shows!

Shandra said...

Sounds like you will have a very intersting 2 weeks with a great begining and end!

Roy and Lori said...

Just wanted to say hi, and I hope
you enjoy the show!

Take Care, Roy and Lori