Thursday, October 16, 2008


Tuesday night SJ came home with the news that we needed a sitter for Wednesday night because he had a big surprise for me. Our two regulars were busy so I called a friend to see if she'd take the kids over night and thankfully she was fine with that. Around noon yesterday I was told to meet him in the North End for dinner which is our usual M.O. for concerts at the Garden. I knew something was up. I was told to dress like I was going dancing so I obliged. Getting ready myself and shuttling my kids to and fro with afternoon activities was a tricky feat. Managed to get me showered, kids packed, homework done, french and art class attended, pizza picked up and the kids transferred to my friend's house all by 5:15 pm. IMPRESSIVE work on my part. I bobbed and weaved through rush hour traffic into Boston grabbed SJ at his office and we tossed the car in a garage. When we got out of the car he handed me two tickets to the Madonna Concert!!! I have always, always wanted to see Madonna. She is like the holy grail of concerts. A Madonna concert to me was like getting to one of the 7 wonders of the world. Perhaps her shows are the 8th? She did not disappoint. It was a crazy production with amazing dancers, lights, props galore, and of course the requisite foul language and obscene gestures! It was fantastic! Do I have a great husband or what???

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