Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This morning, I awoke to a cacophony of drills, hammers and saws. It is a symphony of sounds I have grown used to but this morning I must have slept in a bit because it was those noises, not the delightful sounds of my children, that pulled me from my slumber. Ah, the party people (as I like to call them) are here and off and running. The kitchen is moving along very well and very fast. We are covered in dust. My hair is constantly dirty. I can't remember the last time I had clean sheets. The entirety of the house from the basement to the third floor is covered in a film of grime. I have eaten more hot dogs, quesadillas, pizza, and chinese food than I have ever cared to eat. I started off trying to cook regular meals using a crockpot and a griddler but doing dish duty in a bathtub just pushed me over the edge. The entire first floor is not usable because the kitchen remodel is stealing a bit of space from the living room and a fireplace is going in as well. The dining room is being used for cabinet and appliance storage so we are relegated to the second and third floors. We call it the apartment and I am not the only one tired of living in such tight quarters. I will take some more pictures today and post them so you can see where we are as we head into the new year. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel...literally. The pendant lamp pictured here just shipped yesterday after being out of stock for a month! I am very happy my pretty things are starting to arrive!

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Meg said...

ugh- sounds like pure chaos- but it will be worth it in the end! yes- Vegas. come out and play any time! the only good news is the market for houses is one of the worst so we should get a good deal.......sorry to hear England didn't work out- I had dreams of us both being there and getting lost in side streets finding the best book stores and places for tea.......maybe in 3 years?!
talk to you soon.....hope Santa found his way through the remodel!!!!