Monday, January 05, 2009

Pantry Shelving Identification Help!!!

I found this picture of shelving (supposedly inexpensive shelving) on Garden Web and it is exactly what I want for my pantry. Can anyone tell me if they recognize this as a brand of shelving?? I am going to try to contact the person through Garden Web but the post was from a long time ago. FYI, anyone starting any kind of home remodel - check out Oh boy that is a jackpot of information!


Chatty said...

got no hint on the shelving- but I think Ikea has something similar- though I highly doubt this is Ikea shelving. I want pictures of the progress!! LOVE your pendant lamp from the last post, by the way.

Meg said...

i was going to suggest ikea too- good luck and do post the info when you find it....I love it!

Sue said...

Williams-Sonoma carries a Swedish shelving that you can check out. It's not exactly like the photo (that looks custom-made) but check it out.