Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's a DIY girl supposed to do?

As the major house renovation work is coming to a close what is left is the smaller finish work like filling holes, painting, & installing knobs. I am such a DIYer that it kills me to hire other people to do this kind of work. Unfortunately I have progressively worsening joints - probably arthritis- which is really getting in the way of doing some of the things I have always liked to do in my house. Yes, I know I need to see someone about this condition and am badgered daily by my husband to get this checked out but I never seem to have the time. Nonetheless, I am still so temped to do the painting myself. I just want it done and I want it done NOW. The best way to get things done when I want them has always been to do them myself. However, I insisted on moving all the furniture myself early on in the process and seem to have made my knees and hands worse than usual. I thought they'd be better by the time we were ready to move things back in and do the painting but they are not. I think I just have to let go and hire movers and painters to get all this stuff done. You know things are bad when you volunteer in your child's kindergarten classroom and you panic a little when the teacher hands you small scissors and asks you to cut out 18 snowflakes.


Chatty said...

ok and get that looked at Pronto because if it's arthritis you may be able to prevent it from becoming worse.

This DIY girl calls Claudio- he will paint, patch, move your furniture, build you a wine rack, whatever you want.

Meg said...

I can't wait to see the finished project. and hire someone- save yourself the pain......but please go see the dr.....okay- i'll lay off now!