Friday, January 16, 2009

Icing on the cake....make that the counters!

Finally Finally Finally!! We found some Carrera marble for our countertops. We've been looking for about 6 weeks and all we could find was really grey stuff. We wanted the traditional white with grey veining and it was getting very hard to find. Even all the guys at the stone yards were saying that they were getting very grey stuff in that was unlike what they are used to. Each yard wished us luck as we left trying to find whiter marble. Late on Tuesday our stone fabricator called all excited that he had found "gorgeous carrera marble" in Connecticut. That is a few states a way from us and I guess he drove down there and bought every last slab they had. He drove it up to my house on Wednesday to show me and a friend of mine who is about to start her kitchen. We will have counters from the same marble. Our guy bought 14 slabs from the same lot so basically they are all identical. We are very excited to have found something we liked and didn't have to settle for something we didn't love. Counters should be installed on Wednesday. Floors are being done now.


Meg said...

ohhhhhh so pretty!

Sue said...

Awesome, Shan! Can't wait to see it all finished!