Wednesday, June 10, 2009

City of Lights

Well you may have noticed the new look here at Chez Pickles. It is still a work in progress (so if anyone knows how to change the code to center the posts give me a shout!).

If you couldn't already tell by the new header- we are going to Paris! FOR TEN WEEKS!
Yup. 10 weeks- 70 days !!! SJ will be working on a project for his company out of their Paris office for most of the summer.

Life is a bit crazy now with finding flats, signing leases, figuring out how to get dollars into Euros for such a long period of time without paying too much in conversion fees, what to do with our cat, how to pack up for such a long time away and explaining to the small people that yes, this does in fact mean you'll be missing camp this summer. Oh, and seriously brushing up on my French! Mon Dieu! My head is spinning but I can't wait to plop my butt down on that airplane. It will be such a great adventure and I am thrilled my kids are going to have this opportunity to trade in the burbs for city streets, bagels for croissants, and the word please for s'il vous plait for an entire summer.

We will be posting pictures and videos as well as skyping from over there so please join us for what will be a crazy ride this summer!

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