Wednesday, June 24, 2009

School's Out for Summer!

Here are my little pickles on their last day of first grade and
kindergarten. Sniff sniff.

The day was sweet with pizza parties and long hugs goodbye.

Both kids got glowing report cards and wonderful teachers for next
year. They both have been separated from good pals next year so that
is bumming them out a little. Sweet Pea especially. She's been
stomping around the house being bratty ever since. We're hoping she
works through this soon!!

1 comment:

Chatty said...

Oh Sweet Pea. It will just mean more to talk about with your friends next year since you'll all be up to different things.

And also, WHO SIGNED OFF on Sweet Pea going into SECOND GRADE? There is no possible way she should be already be getting this old. NO. WAY.