Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank You Note

Dear CCAA,

Thank you for sending a second set of referrals in the month of February. The surprise batch of matches last week caught us all off guard and much to our delight you pushed us even further into June 2006. With the previous set of referrals arriving February 2nd, a 22-day span between matches is fantastic!

Our family has an LID of 7/6/06 so if you don''t mind, could you continue to send matches in either really close spans or really big batches? Your call. Either one is just fine with me. Oh, and also, if it isn't too much trouble could you make sure to include 7/6, 7/14, and 7/22 in the same set of matches?

Thanks so much!

The Pickle Family


Sue said...

I'll second that!

LID: 7-14-06

Kim said...

Sending a big AMEN from Alabama! :)
LID: 7/14/ 2006