Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year Resolutions and Attainable Goals

It is pretty hard to believe it is 2012. Which means 12, TWELVE, whole years have passed since the whole Y2K thing scared us about turning the corner into a new millennium. Do you make resolutions? I do and I don't. I make them pretty often throughout the year as well so the ones I make in January are usually just a starting point. They are usually things that help me focus on achieving bigger, loftier goals that sometimes I think are a pipe dream. But it's good to have dreams goals. And in fact it is good to write them down. I am in the process of trying to write down some new dreams goals because about 4 years ago I wrote this little section on a personal website page and slowly but surely they started to get crossed off.

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But here is the kicker. I didn't even realize I was accomplishing these goals dreams until one day about a year ago I was trolling through the pages of my website and saw this list. And since I was in the process of updating it, I crossed off those things. I haven't updated the site since we got Cici because there is another page on this website that has to do with her that I simply cannot change. I posted about the particular coincidence of that page and what came to be and my new found belief in the powers of the secret back in October. And JUST NOW as I went to take a screen shot of this list to show you all, I am a struck by my own apparent focus. {and I was just saying to my husband how terribly unfocused I feel these days and sometimes I wish I had fewer interests} Obviously I can cross the first item off this list now. And how funny that the final thing on this list is the reason I have been fairly spotty lately with my posts.

I am going to make a go of my photography. Wherever it leads, I will follow. I enjoy seeing the world through my camera. If you haven't yet seen my work, feel free to check it out over at No. 8 Photograpy. And if you like my stuff, gosh, I'd love it if you'd give me a thumbs up over on Facebook too! But I've been out with the camera and processing in Photoshop quite a bit lately so I haven't had time or the brain cells for PickleChatter. But I hope this will change too.

But about those other dreams goals that I unwittingly accomplished in sneaky and secret ways. I accept how I checked them off my heart's to do list. I didn't go to proper culinary school but I apprenticed for the best chef in our area and then won myself a spot on his team. Pretty damn great don'tcha think? I learned a lot and it filled my soul. We didn't really move abroad as I had hoped to, but we lived two summers during our long wait for Cici in the City of Light and my kids, myself, and my family as a whole are all richer for it. And as for getting those kids to learn the difference between the sound of é and è in French? Well, we do live in the US and they do go to public school so yeah, learning a foreign language early was going to be an up hill battle. But where there is a will, there is a way. They have been attending a private French class taught by a Parisian transplant once a week for 3 years now. Madame is now part of our family and French class not only starts with a bonjour! Ca va? but also a hug. For this I am eternally grateful.

So I think what I am coming around to say is that we should pay attention to our dreams and our goals enough to write them down and make them important. I turn 40 this year and I intend to turn the corner into my next decade with a few more things under my belt. First up, I am going to sit down with a glass of wine and write down my new list.

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