Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Good, the Wierd and The Ugly!

Yes, I know it should be the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly but there is nothing "bad" here on Nantucket- well perhaps the yellow Hummer that nearly ran me over and the little white car that darted out from a side street trying to get me today- they would be bad and should be reported here. Besides those things, nothing bad here.

However, I will start with the UGLY because since Nantucket became so popular and accessible with the airport it attracts what my brother calls real estate whores. Here is a prime example...
This is the house we used to rent with our family as kids. From pre-school age through college, we spent many summers here. We shared the house with another family through most of those years but when we were teenagers my brother and I were allowed invite tons of friends so it was always a good time. Oh wait, no not that house in the foreground- there is a bigger one in the back. Oh wait, you can't see it? Yes, that's right b/c they put another HOUSE where we used to park cars! SUCH A SHAME! My brother referred to it as whoring out land today and that is exactly what it is. Here is another view. As you can see the new house is just a few feet from the larger house. If you look on the right side of the larger house you can see a room that is windows on 3 sides. We used to call that the sunroom b/c it had no curtains and got really hot. Well, we should be calling it the moon room now b/c the new house is so damn close that if anyone gets dressed in either house on that side all you'll see is a full moon- kinda like this one.

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