Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nantucket, here we come!

Here we are Monday morning getting ready to leave for Nantucket!

We had smooth sailing down to the docks in Hyannis and had a quick lunch at the ferry terminal.

The kids had a ball on the ferry but mommy was happy we took the fast ferry cause one hour was just enough "boat time" for them!

We are all settled in at G's house and all 4 kids are having crazy fun. Off to the beach now!


mom said...

I love the pictures from the trip!

Meg said...

ohhhh- fun trip! we used to go as kids and I miss it so much.....when it was time for my husbands new assignment we "requested" cape cod and got cape canaveral....ummmm wrong cape and way to south!!!!!! have a great trip!