Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Old Haunts

It so good to be here on Nantucket with grey shingled houses and bright blue hydrangia everywhere. The smell of cape roses lingering in the air instantly makes me relax. I grew up coming here every summer with my family. I have memories from this Island from when I was a small child building sand castles and playing on the sandbar at jetties to when I was an adventurous teenager biking to surfside to wrestle the waves.

Now I get to come here with my children and it is the greatest privledge and pleasure to watch them delight in the wonders of this place. This is a picture of B looking at shells and it could easily be a picture of my brother from all those years ago. The best parts of this island have not changed in 30 years. Days on the beach collecting shells, pictures of children on old weathered decks, and of course daily ice cream were what I remember from my childhood and now I watch as my children make their own memories.


Meg said...

How fun! I too, have been having a "full circle moment" while on vacation....the kids I used to teach swimming to are now teaching my kids while we are up here! How fun to watch your children enjoy your favorite memories! thanks for the post- you are VERY clever and I like the way you think....I will check with CCAI and see what they can dig up....I did read over on the queen's site that she has now heard that home ownership will not be a requirement for 2007 and I am hoping to begin in sept and finish by's to hoping!!!! Have fun!

Elise said...

Looks like a dream place to spend a vacation with your kids!!! It is our dream to retire on an island someday. Have fun, you deserve it after all those rainy days in May and June!!!