Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jumping up and Down!!!!

Here is a giant shout out to the world to say CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Meg who just received her PA for her daughter. This little girl is going to be so lucky to fall into the fold of such a lovely family.
This family is going to be so lucky to bring home their daughter soon to revel in all the joy she will bring!

Visit them at http://chinesetake.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks! I got all filled up reading your post!!!!! I wish we were getting our girls together.....truly, you should have been first...The perfect girl for your family soon....I just know it. Hopefully the rumors on RQ are right and all of Septmeber (or at least most of it)in the next batch. Happy Thanksgiving my friend....and tell L and B that X and H say Hi!!!!! (and hi to your Husband S. too!)

tracy said...

Fantastic! I love seeing new babies!