Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Goodmorning FIVE year old!

L has strutted her stuff into her new world of being 5. She is so proud of her new age and has claimed to have grown last night in her sleep. The cupcakes were a hit at school today and an even bigger hit were the presents waiting for her at home.

Amongst all the things she got, this item topped them all. She's been asking for a Baby Alive Doll for quite some time now. For those of you not familiar with this little gem of a doll, you can feed it special food and water and then it pees and poops into a diaper. She was immediatly ripped from her box and thrust into a doll highchair for her first feeding. Messy is all I am going to say. Hope we move onto something else after Christmas! Nevertheless, here she is in all her glory. Oh, and she has a name...SOPHIA.

We had an early dinner of pasta and red sauce and texas toast from the freezer section by request from the birthday girl. After dinner we had a Princess/Barbie cake which L just loved!

While mom cleaned up they watched L's new Ariel movie and then hit the sack! Even Sophia got a special bed in L's arm chair. Not sure why she's not in L's bed but whatever!

The next big adventure...BOWLING BIRTHDAY PARTY ON SUNDAY.....stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Too Cute!!!! I think L has grow too!!! That doll brings back some memories...I hope they are out of fashion by the time E is 5!!! It is funny that she made a special bed for Sophia....the boys do that with their special toys too- never understood why they don't bring them in bed with them!!!! kids are weird.

Dannye said...

What a great day, I am sure it is going to be one she will remember for some time to come.

Anonymous said...

Very cool cake!

Elise said...

Turning five is such a big milestone. Looks like she had a fantastic birthday and I loved the Barbie cake too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Shannon - Joe sent your website to us - and on to your blog. Wonderful fun to see you all! Thanks - Love - Kathy

tracy said...

She's a purdy 5 yr. old!

The doll seems a little odd...mess in the pants? eeekk, wouldn't trust my 5 yr. old to clean it up.

Happy 5th Birthday!