Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Does anyone else feel like the holiday season is like running a marathon? I swear, I start sweating around the 3rd week of October and and downright panting by the 3rd week of December. At our house it goes like this...

10/31 Halloween with all its costume and sugar-high craziness. Nevermind the mindbending control I need to resist my kids chocolate.

11/3 my birthday which always comes with mixed emotions. I got a video iPod from SJ this year and have been the one touting that the "video" part of the new iPods was stupid. Well I take that back. Now I pound out my frustrations at the gym while watching episodes of Showtime's "Weeds". EXCELLENT!

11/? Thanksgiving- always hosted at my house. I usually give into the temptation to go all Martha Stewart and then want to shoot myself in the head. Nuf said.

11/29 L's birthday- never fun in the NE to have children born in the winter months. Indoor parties that cost a fortune only to be repeated or outdone by the classmate before or after you! All forms of originality must be pushed aside for conformity when it comes to winter birthday parties. That SUCKS!

Then comes the mad holiday shopping, the urge to throw a holiday party b/c you think it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside but in reality it just causes more havoc in your life, the teacher gifts and all that damn wrapping. For me it all culminates for the grand finale on 12/25 when my husband helps unwrap one of my kids gifts and says "Hey S, look, L got a .....!"

I give him a look of "yeah no kidding " and go wolf down a loaf of cranberry bread.

OOOH I am so looking forward to the holidays!


Meg said...

Holy funniness!!!!!! I could have written that post myself- same thing goes on here!!!!! We luckily do not need any more shots- we traveled a lot to "odd" places while we lived in Europe so we are all shot up.....and then some! hoping your holidays progress without too much stress.......I'm already saying "I'm sooooo far behind"!!!!!!

tracy said...

I've got the BA HUM BUG spirit this year....and I'll think I'll just keep it.

When did the holdiays become more a pain than a joy???

Debbie & Kirk said...

Your too funny!!!! Is that what I get to look forward to?

(hoping for referral this month)