Tuesday, October 24, 2006

At last, we meet!

Well this was a highlight on our whirlwind tour of the South! I find it amazing that I could have such a good time with someone I’ve never met before! It just warms my heart that through the wonderful world of Adoption, I will eventually add a beautiful daughter to my home but will also make incredible friends along the way. Or should I say “along the WAIT!” While on route from my MIL’s house to Disney World, I was able to stop for coffee to meet M from (http://chinesetake.blogspot.com) and her family. Her husband C and their two sons X and H joined us, and amazingly each and every person got along like we had known each other for years. Our kids are pretty much the same ages which was great. In the coffee shop X and H were already sitting at the window bar and my daughter L scooted right in between them and the three of them chatted and laughed like they saw each other every day. It was quite a sight. The minute we got to the DW hotel, L started writing a note to X. She is most defintely charmed! They were both really lovely boys! CW will be so lucky to have such great brothers!

I was so happy to meet M as we have been essentially pen pals for a few months now and I have enjoyed all our correspondence. I loved meeting her and the conversation was fun and easy! I was thrilled to congratulate her on her daughter in person. They are waiting for their TA to get Cai Wai. We have done a fabric and wish swap and the beautiful green and pink princess pattern M gave me will be a special fabric in our quilt.

M, C, X & H- we’d love to see you up in our neck of the woods! Let’s make a plan!


PS I just loathe these pictures of me. In the spirit of blogging fun, I will let the out into the vapor of the internet b/c I had so much fun meeting M.


tracy said...

isn't it nice to finally meet fellow boggers? can't wait fot the girls on the gulf gathering in a few weeks.

Meg said...

AGHHHHHH- they got the girls! did you see the pic...and thank you so much for such kind words- we had the best time.

Meg said...

I saw your tickers....the fact that our kids nearly have the same b-days is too funny- proof we are supposed to be friend!!!!- X is working on a note to L......I'll get it in the mail this weekend.

Elise said...

So cool that you were able to get together and why don't you want to show your picture?
Your beautiful!!!