Friday, October 06, 2006

1st Trimester

Well today marks the 3 month anniversary of our LID. Our Lidversary. Unfortunately for us it is the third month marker in an undetermined wait time. I am just happy to have 3 months under our belts. I am starting my vaccinations this month. Yeah, no fun! However, it gives me good standing when I bring my kids in for their flu shots to say "mommy just got some whopper shots too!" I have a feeling L won't care who got what shot as long as she can get out of hers. She's been asking me for 6 months what shots kids have to get at their 5th birthday.

This message was brought to you by the letters L, S & B and the number of the day is 3!


Meg said...

congrats on 3 months down....I know your wait must seem like forever....but those are 3 months you will never have to repeat! Let me know how the shots go- I am a GIANT baby when it comes to shots and am not looing forward....I really need to get them scheduled though....ummmmm maybe Monday!

Joannah said...

My three months was yesterday - we're neck and neck in the race to referral! ;-)

tracy said...

Happy, Happy 3 month LID!

WOOHOO!!! Congrats!

Tawni said...

You're moving closer! Woohoo!

Meg said...

congrats (belated) on your nine years too! I say trip to China AND fancy Mom and daughter jewerly WHILE in China!!!!!! (why choose?)