Thursday, October 12, 2006

getting ready for the Snow!

We spent this past weekend at my family's house in Vermont. The weather was perfect and the foliage was beautiful. The house is on a ski mountain in Southern Vermont and is a popular destination for people every year for this long weekend holiday. The ski shops have clued into this and do tent sales selling last year's merchandise at a huge discount. We're talking between 50%-75% off ski clothes and equipment. We have gotten in the habit of making this our "inventory" weekend so if anything needs replacing we can try to get it at a discount. (you know how I love my 'deals'!)

L has out grown her ski suit after getting 3 season out of it. So we luckily found this great Spyder jacket and bibs, a Patagonia long underwear top, and a hat that all match AND are the same color as her last suit so her neck warmer matches too!

This is a picture of her suit from the last three seasons which we will save for Cici. For all my Fireflies friends out there, notice the bugs! They are dragonflies but I figure close enough!

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