Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy LIDversary to US!

Today marks the 5th month anniversary of our LID! I think celebrating the number of months we have been waiting would be more significant if we *knew* how many months we will ultimately be waiting. The CCAA is such a big mystery. I wish we knew more. Nevertheless, celebrating our LID is celebrating our future daughter so I am thrilled to do it every month!


Anonymous said...

congrats!!!!!! I hope you are closer than you think!~

tracy said...

Happy 5 month LID!

Dannye said...

And a happy 5th month to you!!! At least we are ticking off time so it does give us something to do.

Woo Hoo 5 months (one small step at a time).

Elise said...

I hear ya, but happy 5 months anyways!