Monday, December 18, 2006

Santa 1: Mom 0

➢ Still have shopping to do.

➢ MS Word ate and then barfed up my Christmas card labels so that each label had the first name of one person, the last name of another person, the street address of yet another person, so on and so forth.

➢ I still cannot locate a few presents I bought back in September and then hid in what I guess is the best damn hiding place on earth.

➢ I got so peeved this morning I actually told my 3 year old that Christmas sucks which he then repeated as a question in his cute little 3-year old voice. Wish I could take that one back!

So as I am walking around my house today trying to keep it in order, and trying to find the time to wrap presents so my kids don’t see and make sure they don’t find the presents before Christmas, something occurred to me. Christmas must have been invented by a man. Why? Because it is yet another thing a housewife busts her ass to do and is something for which she will get no credit. After all the hard work put into shopping and wrapping, baking and giving, smiling and spreading cheer, the children give thanks to a fat man in a red suit.

UPDATE: I think the gods of domesticity were listening. I found $20 in the laundry just now! I know, I know, "don't spend it all in one place!"


tracy said...

That is the best damn laugh I have had all week!

You sound just like me and boy do I recognize that attitude! That was my entire day as well, add in a trip to the post office to stand in a long line of ol' so joyous people just to make sure the gifts got their on time. hmmmf. I lost all of my return address labels, my ink cartridge is drastically low so I hand wrote all freaking 75 Christmas cards and return address, cleaned up 2 massive diaper issues that required baths and bleach, boxed the gifts up....I tried to wrap, just didn't have time.

Thanks for the laugh!

tracy said...

I can't find your email, will you please email me???

Anonymous said...

oh- I so can relate......add in there freakin stinkin Kindergarten room mom duties and I seriously considered canceling Christmas this year......but MIL is coming so I can't. I have done ZERO shopping for the boys- ZERO.....thankfully everyone up North has been provided for and mailed....I'm considering rewrapping all of my moms gifts from that wrong? I just yelled at my boys to sit down and watch the Rudolph special we taped for them the other night.....I'm doubting this will ever be a favorite! off to find a babysitter so we can go shopping.
Merry Stinking Christmas,

Dannye said...

Maybe the $20 was Santa paying you for all the unrecognized hard work you do this time of year (or your guardian angel giving you recognition).

I wonder if the kids can tell you where you hid those gifts (don't children always seem to know things they shouldn't, and don't know things they should), just a suggestion, hehe

Tawni said...

You said everything I have wanted to say for years! Why isn't Santa a woman?? I am certain there in the pole Mrs. Clause is holding everything together...