Friday, December 15, 2006

Huge Heartfelt Thank you to my Secret Pals!

The last thing I remember was putting the turkey in the oven. After that, everything is a blurr!

All joking aside, I would like to send out a very belated, but very heartfelt thank you to my secret pals. My July Fireflies pal and my CCAI pal are wonderful and I wanted to share photos of the lovely things they sent.

This Ladybug toy was our November gift from my Fireflies pal. It is so cute and I have to keep it hidden b/c L & B wanted to rip it right out of the box. Thank you, Cici will LOVE it!

This brocade jacket was sent by my CCAI pal in November and it is so so so beautiful. Thank you so much. It has dragonflies on it and is going to look beautiful on my daughter!

My CCAI pal has already sent me our December gift of “Socks and Hair Pretties” They are lovely and I am just wild over the bows. I LOVE bows. Thank you so much! L & B would also like to thank you for the chocolate! They love getting sugary treats!

To my 2 wonderful pals- thank you for your generosity and I apologize for the delay in getting my thank you notes out there!

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tracy said...

Those are some nifty gifts!