Monday, January 08, 2007

let me elaborate

I am just so annoyed that PZ and CNN give such morons a loud and far reaching voice. Don't get me wrong, the President of the Organization of Chinese Americans and David Youtz were great but she still allowed Roland Martin and the other hooligan more airtime. Those two should not be allowed to speak to more than a wall in a very small & potentially concrete room.

I gave up CNN long ago and this is just more evidence to support that decision. I heard a great line a month or two ago..." I am not sure which is more stunning, that Britney Spears has had 2 children and 2 divorces by the age of 24 or that I heard about her second divorce on CNN Breaking News." I rest my case!


Anonymous said...

I have to agree. I watched tonight in hopes of them making a mends. Whatever did I do that for? It is CNN afterall.

Anonymous said...

Yeah- CNN and I have a love/hate relationship....until it is a relationship that involves bleeping out most of what I have to say! Terrible wasn't it.......and very sad because now, people think what was said is fact-

tracy said...

I couldn't agree more with you. I gave up on CNN years ago and became a Fox News girl. I did watch it and I was pissed and I did write my letter in order to receive a blanket statement email back from CNN. Those panel folks (Roland Martin and the other hooligan) suck big donkey balls. Can you say, "Clueless?"

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Agreed! The "amends" show got me even more riled up, if that's possible.

Great quote!

Donna said...

Ditto! You tell it, girl. Paula Zahn is a joke. I hope she losers viewers from all this.

Anonymous said...

I agree!!! CNN has always been my least fav - now it is my least, least, least, !@#%!@!$& fav...I am still steaming.

Loving the concrete room comment...still laughing! And Tracy's "donkey balls" true.