Sunday, September 27, 2009

To my 3.5 readers who have been faithfully following my blog all summer I just wanted to warn you about a few things.

1. I dropped my computer a few days ago and feared the worst. After dragging the children to an "Apple" store here in Paris (and I put it in quotes because there really are NO Apple stores here in Paris. There are Premium Apple Resellers who hide out and are damned hard to find) only to burn out more than a few brain cells trying to figure out a) what condition the computer was now in and b) what in fact to do about it in FRENCH, I discovered that it is just the screen that is damaged - the hard drive and its contents are a-ok.

2. A special thanks goes out to my mother who scoured the internet to find this Premium Apple Reseller. Though the days of her scolding me are over, I did get a tisk-tisk from 6000 miles away for not having backed up my photos from the trip. yup. You heard that right, I did not back up a single picture from our 3 months in Paris and my mother rightfully gave me her motherly advice that PHOTOS NEED TO BE STORED IN AT LEAST 2 PLACES!! While she did use my first name after doling out said advice, she did not use my middle name so I think I am good. Nevertheless, I am a moron for not backing up these precious memories and once I knew that the hard drive was in good shape, and that the screen could actually be seen in very bright sunlight, I ran straight to Monoprix for CDs and backed up all my pictures. All 2300 of them.

3. Like any computer obsessed person, I have more than one. I have an older Mac laptop here with us as well so I have been transferring info back and forth between the two computers however, the old one is so old that some of the software doesn't work all that well. I am managing. Email can be received but won't send out. Internet works only if plugged into the ethernet. But the photos are safe and we are coming home on Friday so I will manage.

4. And for a small programming note- this blog is being used mostly as a trip journal. I am thrilled people have joined along with me by reading it all. I haven't always had time to post things when they actually happened so I've done some catching up. I back-date the posts to the day they actually happened so if you have been casually reading the blog you may want to go back to see if there are posts you might have missed because I added them much later. This post will be dated for today, Sunday September 27th but I have to add things that happened last week right before the crash and will back date them so they will appear below this post even though they have been added after.

a bientot mes amis.

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simply t said...

That sucks.

I've been following along, but apparently I missed the part as to why you are in France and for how long? My neighbor is from Monte Carlo and she goes every year for 2months....not that you care, just thought I'd pass that UBI along.

Pretty blog look BTW=0)