Thursday, September 24, 2009

MERDE !!!!

Last evening after spending some quality time with my children at a cafe doing homework, I found myself in a pile of poo. As we got up to leave, I dropped my precious laptop. hard. When I returned to the apartment and opened it up I found no image - nothing. Nearly vomiting over the thought that all the pictures stored on the computer were now lost, I calmed myself down with a bit of vin and a phone call to my mother.

Today, I spent the morning at an Apple Premium Reseller trying to figure out just how bad the damage was. I discovered that while the screen is pretty much dead, I am not in as much poo as I thought. The hard drive was in good shape and I hope to have some options when I get home and can speak to an Apple person in ENGLISH.

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Tickled Pink Talk said...

ugh, I guess that is a reminder to me to back up too....
I know you are sad to leave, but we are looking forward to you guys being home!!!!!!!!!!