Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Deathstar Canteen

You know how in the morning when you are eating a bagel it really tastes better if you are drinking your coffee with it too? Or when you are having a really good steak you should also be sipping a meaty glass of red wine?

Well to best enjoy the following photo, you should please do the following:
1. go to iTunes
2. Search for Eddie Izzard
3. Find his 4:27 minute bit called the Deathstar Canteen
4. Download and listen to while enjoying this new McDo add here in Paris.

Maggie - this is especially for you!
*see below for embedded version.

*I tried to embed the audio file on my blog but a) it seems you can only play audio files through the 3rd party people if what you want to play is one of their offered selections and b) I find blogs with sound really annoying.

Okay- here goes- I added the soundtrack to the picture in iMovie and tossed it up on YouTube. Let's see if this works.....


MJoyC said...

A shout out from our international heroine of style and fun! I blush... and I laugh a much needed laugh at our own brilliant EI. I'll be checking out the rest of the blog soon, magnifique!

Simon said...

Check out the couple snogging in the background! Only in Paris!