Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh, wait, today is Saturday?

Every day since Tuesday I keep thinking the bullshit will end. The nonsense that has been tripping me up all week is nothing short of a scene out of an Inspector Clouseau movie. The kind of stuff where you just throw your hands in the air and say to yourself, "really? Come On!" I am trying to pack. I am trying to organize. I am trying to parent and keep on top of all my other responsibilities so if the nonsense could just STOP, that'd be great!

To paint a picture for you, here's today's drama...

Rolling in at 11:30 after a morning of soccer, tomato plant buying, PTO volunteer protecting, and whining children, I was relieved to be home before Noon so I could talk to the milk delivery person to let him know this would be our last delivery until we get back from Paris in August. He rolls up right at Noon. On Fridays. And then it hit me, today is Saturday.

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Serenity now.....serenity now.....serenity now.....that works right?