Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Soldes!!

France generally has sales 2 times a year. Unlike the US when every retailer seems to just put on a sale whenever they want, here the timeframe for Les Soldes is set. There is one in the winter and one usually lasting the month of July. Today, June 30th, marks the beginning of Les Soldes for most retailers and causes quite a stir. Today many things at Monoprix were marked down 50% and those of us with a carte de fidelit√©, i.e. a Monoprix card, got an additional 10% off. I ran in at 8 am to buy a blender/grinder appliance I've been eying and walked out with much much more. I could barely squeeze myself into the kids clothing aisle where most things were also  50% off, but I am a seasoned discount shopper. As I left the store at 8:20 am, every store on Rue de Levis was putting out tables of stuff massively on clearance to inaugurate the 2010 summer soldes season. YAY! What a good time to be in Paris! Tomorrow I am off to Les Halles where all the culinary stores are! Let's see what kind of damage I can do down there!!!

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Sue said...

Happy Shopping! Sounds like it's going to wreak havoc on the credit card! Enjoy! Everyone loves a good bargain!