Monday, June 21, 2010

The old and the new

At the moment I am listening to a very frustrated maman negotiating with her 2 year old in the stairwell of our new apartment building. Well the building is not new, but it is new to me. It is kind of interesting to hear the mother-child back-and-forth going on in French. I am sure after a week or two it will get old. Simon mentioned we have small ones upstairs that like to cause a raucus in the public areas of the building and conduct chariot races in the apartment above ours. He has been here for a few weeks now and is not only not suffering from jetlag like the rest of us but he knows all the ins and outs of the apartment and this building.

We are located not exactly in the 17th as I had thought but instead in the 8th right on the line. Lucky for me it is is virtually the same neighborhood we lived in for part of our Paris excursion last year. We are equidistant from Parc Monceau but closer to Rue de Levis with all its shops & the Bio (organic) market on Saturdays.

There has been quite a different feeling landing here in Paris this time compared to last. There is so much less to figure out. I know where the kids can play, where they can scooter around, how to get to the grocery store and where everything is. Last year it took me a while to figure out shopping cart & razor scooter protocol. This year not only did I know where to park my roller cart when I was doing my shopping but I also didn't have to spend 30 minutes reading all the yogurt labels to figure out which kind the kids would like. The comfortable feeling I have with this city is nice but I have to say I miss a bit of the excitement of having to figure things out. Thankfully we have had to get creative with coffee making and the washer in our apartment was not like anything I'd ever seen.  As you can see from the first picture above it looks completely friendly from the outside. But when you open the lid, the photo on the left is what greets you. A bit of a surprise, no?

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