Monday, January 31, 2011

2/30 ArtChallenge: Your Favorite Animal

This is Bunny. She belongs to SweetPea.She was purchased from the Target Dollar Section 5 years ago and I was certain she wouldn't last more than 6 months. All these years later she's had ears sewn back on, tummy seams repaired and is losing much of her stuffing. This lucky Bunny spent a summer in Paris, France last year and here she is enjoying a TGV ride to the south of France for a beach vacation. 

We all LOVE Bunny.

Don't forget to visit the other half of my daughter, SweetPea, and her art can be found here: SweetPea Prose


Anonymous said...

do you know about custom toy portraits? she did one for will's "bunny" and its amaaazing. such a precious thing. take a look.

bbk said...

Great picture! Nothing like a loved bunny! :)